AMD: We will have better Windows 8 PCs than Intel

AMD has been quiet in terms of its Windows 8 marketing compared to its main PC processor rival, Intel. Today, on the same day that Intel is scheduled to hold a press event to show off a number of Windows 8-based tablets with its processor inside, AMD is claiming it will have a better Windows 8 experience than Intel for the price.

In a new article on The Verge, AMD's Leslie Sobon, the Corporate VP for the company's Desktop Product Line, tries to make the case that the launch of Windows 8 will be a good thing for the struggling processor maker. Sobon says that Windows 8 PCs will not only have a better price point with AMD hardware, but will also have better video performance and improved gesture controls.

AMD has been pushing its APU family of processors for a while now; namely chips that combine both CPU and GPU designs. Sobon believes that emphasis on graphics performance will be the key to distinguish itself from Intel, saying, " ...we'll win when things are GPU-accelerated."

Indeed, AMD just announced new versions of its APU processors that reports can run games and other GPU accelerated applications much faster than similar chips from Intel that depend on integrated graphics. The new chips from AMD will be launched on October 2nd.

Source: The Verge | Image via AMD

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