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Windows 11 gets more officially supported Intel processors, but not AMD

An LGA processor

Microsoft has updated the list of officially supported processors in Windows 11. The latest revision adds multiple chips from Intel but not AMD. Also, bad news if you expected to see some old processors, such as seventh or sixth-generation: the new entries only include the recently launched Intel Core 14th-gen and Core Ultra processors.

Here are the new officially supported 14th-gen Intel processors:

Intel Core i3 Intel Core i5 Intel Core i7 Intel Core i9
Intel Core i3-14100
Intel Core i3-14100F
Intel Core i3-14100T
Intel Core i5-14400
Intel Core i5-14400F
Intel Core i5-14400T
Intel Core i5-14500
Intel Core i5-14500T
Intel Core i5-14600
Intel Core i5-14600K
Intel Core i5-14600KF
Intel Core i5-14600T
Intel Core i7-14700
Intel Core i7-14700F
Intel Core i7-14700K
Intel Core i7-14700KF
Intel Core i7-14700T

Intel Core i9-14900
Intel Core i9-14900F
Intel Core i9-14900K
Intel Core i9-14900KF
Intel Core i9-14900T

And here are the new Core and Core Ultra chips that have made it to the list of supported CPUs:

Intel Core Intel Core Ultra

Intel Core 3-100U
Intel Core 3-100U with IPU

Intel Core 5-120U

Intel Core 7-150U

Intel Core Ultra 5-125H
Intel Core Ultra 5-125U
Intel Core Ultra 5-134U
Intel Core Ultra 5-135H
Intel Core Ultra 5-135U

Intel Core Ultra 7-155H
Intel Core Ultra 7-155U
Intel Core Ultra 7-164U
Intel Core Ultra 7-165H
Intel Core Ultra 7-165U

Intel Core Ultra 9-185H

Unlike some previous updates, none of the existing processors was removed from the list.

Interestingly, AMD's eighth-generation AMD Ryzen processors are nowhere to be found, and the list of officially supported AMD chips remains the same. Still, that does not mean your laptop with a Ryzen 8000 chip cannot run Windows 11. Microsoft's documentation makes it clear that "it is expected that the processor list will not reflect the most current offerings" from chip makers. The company usually makes changes to the list after releasing a new Windows 11 update, which, in today's case, is "Moment 5."

With the latest CPU list update, Windows 11 officially supports 903 Intel processors, 304 AMD processors, and 15 Qualcomm processors. It arrived at an interesting time, shortly after Microsoft started making changes in the CPU instruction set requirements, rendering some old (like real old) processors physically incapable of running the upcoming Windows 11 version 24H2. Those instructions include POPCNT and SSE 4.2.

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