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America's Army: Direct Action due Today

According to the America's Army website, a new version dubbed "Direct Action" will be made available at 12 Noon PDT today. Included in the new version are two new maps, a new training mission, Tournament mode enhancements and an enhanced map rotation among other new additions. There is no mention of a file size, but you better believe it will be upwards of 650 megs at the least. Here is some information on the new maps, and the new training mission:

SF Extraction: SF Extraction keeps the action fast and furious as the objective keeps moving! Both teams must race to retrieve a briefcase containing sensitive information about terrorist operatives in this daytime urban mission. Each team's mission to locate and secure this briefcase and then carry it to their extraction point successfully. However, once the objective is in one teams' hands, the mission is on the move as the other team must intercept them to retrieve the briefcase. The team that successfully extracts with the briefcase in hand wins. This mission's spawn points and extraction points (1 per team) are all randomly selected each round. For SF & Indigenous Forces playable classes.

SF Dockside: Dockside is a small tournament mission that takes place during a stormy night in a run-down harbor setting. Both teams must locate and secure two cargo containers containing biological agents. The first team to secure and hold both containers wins. This mission's spawn points and container locations are randomly selected each round. This mission was designed to hold only 18 players (9 per team). For Special Forces playable class only.

Shoot House (MOUT Training): For players looking for new dynamic challenges, the Army is delivering the infinitely replayable Shoot House mission. In this weapons training experience players enter a building, consisting of up to 10 rooms, where pop-up targets have been randomly arranged. Gamers choose a weapon and enter the Shoot House building, and in each room, the player is presented with various friendly and enemy targets. The Army's Rules of Engagement are critical in this mission as players have to make repeated split second decisions to recognize enemies or non-combatants as they engage the targets. Shooting at friendly targets will earn the player penalties. This training will be timed and! scored for each weapon, and results will be recorded in a database and sent to a Web site where players can compare their scores with others. (coming soon). The Shoot House (MOUT Training) training mission replaces the existing MOUT Training in Basic Combat Training.

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