Analyst predicts tablet price drop to $300

A market analyst named Richard Windsor, who works for Nomura Securities, claims that the market for the tablet industry will change in such a way in the next couple of years that the prices of the highly sought after devices will drop to as low as $300.

Speaking at the Open Mobile Summit in London and picked up on by CNET, he says that "[it] could become the fastest commoditized market in history", as he later suggested we would see the end of high priced, rare tablets by the end of next year.

Obviously the tablet electronic device has been around for many years now, however since the release of the iPad last year in 2010, the idea of a tablet in the hands of the every day consumer has driven the market forward. Today we not only see the iPad 2, but various developments by Dell, HP and Samsung amongst others. Windsor claims therefore that as more tablet variants are launched to the public, that the price can only do one thing, drop.

There is more science to this though, Samsung are developing a new generation of LCD screen which makes the overall production cost of the tablet decrease and the amount of people willing to pay the high profit margin that tablets usually carry with them, are running out he claims. This in turn will drive down prices to make them more competitive as it is expected that tablets will become a must have item for a lot of consumers.

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