Android Market allows 24 hour trial period

In an interesting twist that could possibly change how other app store touting companies run their policies, Google's Android Market has been updated to allows apps to be returned after 24 hours, after news that the Market will take paid applications.

Androinica reports that the moment you purchase the app, not install it, you are given 24 hours to decide if you like it, and also that if after that you wish to obtain a refund, you have to settle that with the developer and not with Google themselves. Otherwise, you can take the matter to your credit card company directly.

Having to go to the developer directly to obtain a refund could possibly be more time consuming than Google themselves, but with the 24 hour trial time frame there's really no excuse. One of the biggest gripes customers have had with Apple's App Store is that they don't allow any trial versions of applications, and the only way for people to test items is for the developer to create a 'lite' version of an app.

Google's other policies state a few interesting things, including that (as previously known) application reinstalls are free, and that the Android Market has no application upgrade functionality. Androinica states, "The use of the word 'upgrade' should mean that Google is not referring to version updates that address bugs, complaints, and new features."

If you wish to read all about Google's policies, please visit their website.

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