Android reaches 500 million activation milestone

Google’s Android platform is undoubtedly the world’s most popular mobile OS, and whilst we know Android currently holds over 50% in the smartphone marketshare, we can now confirm over 500 million Android devices have been activated. Last year, the company scaled the 100 million mark, so it is safe to say that Android has definitely been growing since then, with the Galaxy S II an III being two of the best-selling phones for the past few years. 

Google promises to keep expanding its Android brand and to market the OS to more users as time goes on. As it stands, we’ve been graced with the ever-so yummy Jelly Bean this summer, and hopefully we should see a new major revision by the end of the year considering a new Nexus smartphone will be released at some point.

Google tends to release figures and statistics of Android’s growth at various conferences, so when the new Nexus smartphone is announced later in the year, we’ll find out a lot more about how the company has met its targets, how many activations would have occurred at that time and what the company aims to do to increase Android's userbase even more.

Source: Google+

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