Anime film premiere causes record-breaking tweets per second

Twitter announced on Friday that its tweets per second record has been broken. One would assume a major global event would cause people to rush to Twitter all at once, but that's far from the case. On Saturday, August 3rd, tweets had been pouring in at a steady stream when all of a sudden they spiked to an all-time high amount per second. This was due to none other than the premiere of anime film Castle in the Sky in Japan.

On average, Twitter deals with about 5,700 tweets per second being sent. At 11:21:50 JST on August 3rd, for that single second the amount of tweets skyrocketed to 143,199. This is roughly 25 times more tweets in a single second than the average.

Thanks to Twitter's new architecture after the 2010 World Cup took its toll on the social network, it was able to this time withstand the force of over 143,000 tweets in one second. That's quite impressive if you ask me. Indeed, those who have been using Twitter for more than a few years now know that it's much more of a rarity to encounter the "fail whale" (i.e. an Twitter outage) now than it was, say, in 2010. Kudos to Twitter for the efforts.

I guess it just goes to show: don't ever underestimate the power of a Japanese anime film.

Source: TechnoBuffalo | Image via Twitter

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