Antec 400W Power Supply Review

PC Hardware has tested the Antec 400W power supply for AMD overclocking and Pentium 4. This supply is a very good choice for the overclockers out there due to its high quality, stable output under load and price. Here is a blurb from the review:

"The computer ran for 100 hours with the CPU overclocked at 2.25Ghz. During this period we monitored the 5V and 12V voltages using a digital multimeter able to record results from time to time. Note: We didn't have two digital multimeters able to record results so 12V log was recorded in a 15 hours period and 5V log was recorded in a 18 hours period. The measurement precision was 0.5%.

The extreme voltages recorded were 11.832V / 12.110V for the 12V and 4.879V / 5.047V for 5V. We didn't monitor other voltages using the voltage meter, but with the motherboard software hardware monitor we were able to reach to a conclusion about the voltage variation ranges.

The power supply is as stated by Antec ATX 2.03 compliant meaning that the tolerance of the 5VSB is +/-5%. The software recorded almost 10%, but I bet on hardware monitoring fault. We measured the 5VSB voltage when the computer was on standby using the digital multimeter and the value was around 5.08V."

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