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AOL debuts new logo

AOL, the once internet giant that dominated the online marketplace has introduced a new logo. After breaking ties with Time Warner, the company is looking to reinvent itself as a younger, more hip company.

The new branding, Aol., yes the period is included, is supposed to help changed the image of the failing empire. The company has plans to lay off nearly 1/3 of its workforce by year end due to dwindling sales.

AOL who once boasted a user base of around 27 million users has now fallen to around 6 million; they began to fall when broadband started to take shape across the country. With no frills access to the internet becoming cheaper, their bloated interface and lack of integration with stand-alone browsers left many users unhappy with the service.

The real questions is, will the new logo help revive the company? While AOL attempts to find its new niche in the market place it goes to show that if you want to succeed in the fast moving market place of the internet, you better be willing to change your business model on the fly.

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