AOL to Force Triton on Users?

With the recent release of America Onlines newest Instant
Messaging client, Triton, many are beginning to wonder if the company will
force the upgrade on its users. With random outages tonight, and many
people reporting they are unable to connect to AOL's Instant Messenger service
unless using Triton, forums are beginning to fill up with questions regarding a
possible required upgrade.

Triton, AOL's newest version of its Instant Messenger, was
released just weeks ago. Already the program has many users turning a
cold shoulder to it. With its fancy new interface, and loads of new
features, the company is still facing criticism from users. Most
complaints stem from the integration of AOL's Internet Browser into the client
to the amount of processes Triton runs.

The version of choice seems to be AIM 5.9, which notably is still available for
download via AOL's website. However, the question still remains - will
America Online continue to support their 5.x platform, or force users to

View: Triton Homepage

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