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Aperture 3 causing crazy memory leaks

Aperture 3 was barely out the door before the problems began rolling in. The newly released pro photo editing application promised to bring new functionality and high-end features. But, according to ComputerWorld, it brought something else as well.

Users of the new version of Aperture have been seeing frozen computers and "out of disk space" warnings. Reports of this problem are flooding Apple's forums. Aperture decides to fill up the computer's page file until the entire hard drive fills up, rendering the computer frozen and the user frustrated. The problem seems to occur when a user leaves the program to import their photo libraries. Some are even reporting the issue happening the second they launch the application. However, not eveyone is experiencing the issue, leaving some to believe that the problem is external to the program itself.

Some say that the problem may be caused by importing of old libraries or the new "Faces" feature that Apple integrated. However, this seems kind of strange, as Apple surely tested the software on many devices in different scenarios before launch. Apple has yet to release a public statement regarding the matter.

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