Apex Legends gathers up 50 million players in under a month

Respawn Entertainment's newest battle royale hit just keeps hitting more and more impressive milestones. EA announced today that Apex Legends now has 50 million players worldwide across all platforms, only a month after its surprise free-to-play launch.

Sadly the concurrent player peaks weren’t revealed this time, but it was at two million when the game hit 25 million total players mark about three weeks ago.

The company did share some other interesting data on how the community has been performing in Apex Legends. Since launch, the game's excellent pinging system has been utilized 31 billion times, while ultimate abilities have been activated 1.23 billion times.

Meanwhile, players have used finishing off animations 158 million times, and has brought back allies from death using its unique respawn system 170 million times. Check the full video above for some extras.

Respawn is still working on the upcoming first season of updates for Apex Legends, which is slated to drop sometime this month bringing with it a battle pass, new legends, weapons, and loot. We still have yet to get a firm release date, however.

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