Apparently Microsoft Windows XP Is Far From Dead

At the latest budget meeting they "fine tuned the Vista/XP mix". This means that they are expecting to make more money off of the ostracized OS than they had first predicted. Initial expectations were of an 85/15 split between Vista and XP respectively. The new numbers reflect a noticeably higher number, 78/22.

Here's to hoping that Microsoft realizes they have a pretty good OS already, and that all the eye-candy isn't a good enough trade off for the usability of XP. Maybe they will change their mind about the XP retailer sales cut-off date that is quickly approaching.

I for one will cling dearly to my precious copies of Windows XP, I may begin venturing out and exploring other operating systems, but a lot is going to have to change before I switch to Vista.

News source: Slash Gear

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