Apple attacks Verizon with new iPhone commercials

Verizon began an ad-campaign in October for the Droid handset where it ran commercials entitled "iDon't", attacking the Apple iPhone.

The Verizon advertisement attacked Apple's oversights on the iPhone like a real keyboard, running simultaneous applications, being customizable, allowing widgets, open source development and interchangeable batteries. The advertisement also took a stab at the iPhone's camera, stating that the Android based phone has a 5MP camera and is capable of taking pictures in the dark.

Today Apple has fired back with two new iPhone adverts showing how the iPhone can take calls and use the 3G internet at the same time, something that the Verizon network is unable to do. The end of the iPhone advert finishes simply with the question "can your phone and your network do that?" Apple is somewhat notorious for advertising its products. The company has run a number of "Get a Mac" commercials that attack Microsoft's popular Windows operating system. During the Windows 7 launch, Apple tried to gatecrash the event with new commercials.

According to Business Week
, the ads will air during "House" on Fox, "Dancing With The Stars" on ABC, "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS and several others including The Daily Show on Comedy Central and several of the late-night talk shows.

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