Apple CEO Tim Cook once again denies any chance of Mac / iPad convergence

In an interview with the Irish Independent, Apple's CEO Tim Cook has again squashed rumours of a possible Mac / iPad hybrid device, saying that any possible hybrid device would compromise the user experience, a line he has been repeating since the launch of Windows 8.

We feel strongly that customers are not really looking for a converged Mac and iPad. Because what that would wind up doing, or what we’re worried would happen, is that neither experience would be as good as the customer wants. So we want to make the best tablet in the world and the best Mac in the world. And putting those two together would not achieve either. You’d begin to compromise in different ways.

This comes just a week after Cook had announced that the PC had outlived its usefulness, and that no one would ever want to buy one, despite the PC market doing considerably better than the massive drop in iPad sales over the last few quarters. Clearly Cook was referring only to Windows PCs, and not Mac PCs, which he thinks have a bright future even though they have not gained significant market share over the three decades of the brand.

The powerful A9X SoC, found in the new iPad Pro, has been approaching some low power Core-M series CPUs from Intel in a handful of mobile-focused tests, and this had the Tech world up in arms. For the first time, a mobile cpu with a non-x86 instruction set is providing real, modern computing power, and it has interesting possibilities, as long as app developers follow suit with software capable of using this new power.

Source: Irish Independent

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