Apple disables Sign in with Apple for Epic Games accounts

Apple and Epic Games' feud over App Store policies has led to some severe consequences for the latter company, who had its developer account terminated only to be mocked by Apple promoting an update for PUBG Mobile on the same day. Now, as a natural consequence of that, users will soon be unable to use Sign in with Apple to get into their Epic Games accounts, as announced by the game developer on Twitter.

Sign in with Apple was introduced last year as an alternative login option for apps available on the App Store. It was touted as a privacy-focused option, allowing users to create single-use email addresses for each service they sign up for, thus making it easier to block out any further messages from a specific service once they're done with it.

Sign in with Apple can be implemented on apps on other platforms, including the web, but to have access to the feature, you need to have an Apple developer account. Since Epic Games no longer has one, it was only a matter of time before this capability was removed.

The change will happen on September 11, which is this Friday. If you've been using Sign in with Apple to access your Epic Games account, you'll now need to update your login information before the option is removed so you can have an alternative method to sign in. To do so, you can follow the instructions on this page. If you don't get to make these changed before Friday, you'll need to contact Epic Games support and hope that your account can still be recovered.

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