Apple Makes Its Case for Security

Over the past few weeks Apple has been criticized for taking to long too patch a few security holes in OS X. Today Apple has made a statement telling the public that it's not going to make that mistake again. I believe Apple will keep its promise with its new standpoint on security.

Apple is a famously secretive company. Its hush-hush culture makes it impossible for employees to talk about their work, even with spouses or family members. This may help keep new products a surprise, but it has a downside: In the past few weeks widely publicized security holes in OS X were discussed everywhere and by everyone, except Apple.

For several weeks, many users felt they were being kept in the dark. And when Apple finally issued a fix -- two actually, a couple of weeks apart -- users complained they had no idea of what was being fixed or how. Descriptions of the updates were scant, bordering on meaningless. But security is very important to Apple. It's one of the key perceived differences between OS X and Windows, which is constantly battling viruses, worms and spyware.

View: Apple's Security Website

News source: Wired

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