Apple Struggles to Meet MacBook Demand

The MacBook is just too popular. Apple appears to be struggling to meet demand.

On the Apple UK online store the product is listed as ready to ship in five days. This compares to 24-hour shipping for all other Apple products.

Many customers are finding that the wait is in fact much longer than five days. According to AppleInsider, many customers expecting to receive orders for the Apple laptop this week received letters of apology stating that it would be unable to fill orders within the timeframe it had promised.

"I ordered a MacBook over the weekend," one customer is quoted as saying, "The order was to be processed in 5-8 days. I just got an apology letter from Apple saying they would not be able to meet that order fulfilment deadline."

Customers who added memory and hard drive space when they placed their orders are reporting delays of up to two weeks. Apple executives recently said they anticipated reaching a supply and demand balance on the notebooks by the end of September.

News source: Macworld UK

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