Apple, what the hell happened to iPhone push notifications?

Rumors are starting to fly out about a new iPhone coming in June. While the timeline seems accurate (Apple generally refreshes products around similar times of the year) it was almost a year ago that Apple announced Push notifications for the iPhone. Now eleven months later, where the hell is it?

It's no secret that Apple missed its deadline of September for launching Push notifications and that the feature is still absent today. With a new iPhone or major software upgrade on the verge of being announced (for a June launch) an incredible but surprisingly plausible rumor has surfaced that makes perfect sense.

The idea is that for the software launch of 3.0 for the iPhone, Apple will introduce background application processes; you will be able to run more than one program at a time. The best part is that it is believed that Push notifications will be tied into these background processes so that programs like AIM can continue to run in the background until a "Push notification" is received. This makes perfect sense for why there has been such a long delay for the feature and it may be well worth the extra wait.

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