Apple's new iPhones aren't charging for some reason; bring on the Chargepocalypse!

It has only been a week since the retail release of Apple's iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. With new phones, comes new findings and also complaints. This year, the new devices have been found to offer worse Wi-Fi and cellular reception than previous generations, along with inferior battery life. Now, through the Apple forums, it is being reported that the new models have issues when it comes to taking a charge.

The problem was brought to light earlier in the week but has been gaining more traction over the course of the past few days. The problem occurs whenever users are trying to charge their iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Although plugging it in should normally yield a charge response, it seems like some folks aren't getting that reaction, and are instead left scratching their heads. While the cause, for now, is unknown, it appears that there could be an issue with the way the phones handle being in an idle state.

When the phones don't register a charge after being plugged in, tapping it will wake the phone, at which point, it will start charging. In order to see this phenomenon in action, you can watch the video above by Unbox Therapy. You can navigate to the three minute and 30-second mark to skip the suspense and theatrics. This problem will undoubtedly gain more traction as time rolls on but what will clever tech pundits call it? Chargegate? Chargepocalypse? Who knows, but let's hope Apple knows about the issue and has a fix for it soon.

Via: Phone Arena

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