Apple's next iPad might kill the home button and offer thinner bezels

Since before Apple even announced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, rumors have been floating around that the company might kill off the home button on next year's iPhone. According to a new report from Makotakara (via 9to5Mac), the next iPad might actually be the first Apple device to ditch the iconic button.

The move would be somewhat unprecedented by the company, as iPhones tend to receive new features first, at least when Apple plans to offer them through both lines of devices. Examples of this would be Touch ID, newer colors such as gold and Rose Gold, and Siri. Of course, the new iPad Pro devices support the Apple Pencil, which hasn't seen any love from the iPhone.

So what will Apple do with all of that extra bezel space that it will be freeing up? According to the report, the next iPad will also feature a larger display at 10.9-inches, rather than the current 9.7-inches, but the body won't be any larger.

The thickness of the device is rumored to be 7.5mm, which is a whopping 1.4mm thicker than the current 6.1mm thin 9.7-inch model. The 12.9-inch variant should be about 3mm thicker as well, which would make it come in at 9.9mm.

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