Are CPUs like Muscle Cars?

The American car industry went through a period of rapid growth in the 1960's fighting for the Muscle Car titles. Huge sums of corporate money were invested in designing and creating more and more powerful engines. Hobbyists spent loads of cash and built upon the manufacturer's designs to squeeze a few more horsepower from the massive engines. Titles of "fastest", "most powerful", "quickest quarter mile" continually changed sides as manufacturers released greater and greater products.

So far, this is echoed today by the CPU industry. Read the first paragraph again and substitute CPU for engine, cycles for horsepower, and convert the last title to "quickest kernel compile".

The question is: What became of the Muscle Car? The 1970's oil crisis "encouraged" consumers to use more efficient cars. And after some growing pains, many very good cars were getting much better mileage. I will agree that the newer cars can not get a sub 12 second quarter mile and still maintain fuel efficiency, but how often does the average person need as sub 12 quarter mile? Also, consider that today's cars need much less maintenance and have a much longer projected working lifespan.

So, how does this all relate to CPUs? on.

News source: The Inquirer

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