ATI Multi VPU will need an external connector

The guys over at The Inq have confirmation that ATI will need an external connector in order to make its Multi VPU work. ATI tried to avoid using an internal connector but it ended up with an external one as you will have to connect the cards, after all. If you work with two cards, card number two has to get information from the first card before it displays the final image.

However, ATI decided to use an external connector simple because it didn't want to release new series of Multi VPU capable cards powered with an internal connector. If it had done that, it would have ended up upsetting many customers who bought X800 or X850 cards. So ATI views this as an easy move for its customers to dual cards and can offer it to every single X800 and X850 card owner. A smart move for upgrade market.

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News source: The Inq

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