Bidul offers Surface owners an elegant way to add an Ethernet, SD slot & an extra USB 3.0 port

The Surface Pro 4 is without a doubt, one of the more powerful, versatile and svelte Windows 10 devices released to date. But, its slender profile isn't without its drawbacks, and could leave those that require ports such as Ethernet and a full-sized SD slot, in a bit of a jam. Luckily, a company hailing from Lyon, France has created a solution that will undoubtedly become an essential part of any Surface owners accessory array.

Bidul & Co. have been building accessories for the Surface line for quite some time and although each iteration of their accessories share the same footprint, they have evolved over time to include more features, while maintaining a small and elegant profile. Their latest offering, as seen above, expands the solitary USB 3.0 port on the Surface Pro 4 and Pro 3 by adding an Ethernet port and additional USB 3.0 port. Those that have concern that the Mini DisplayPort might be obscured, can rest easy, as a Mini DisplayPort has been integrated right into the product.

The USB hub is available directly from Amazon (restock in February) for $44.99 USD. Although the hub might be its latest product, the company also offers a 256GB SSD expansion accessory and a cleverly designed Bluetooth speaker that can be that can be viewed in the gallery below. All of the Surface products mentioned above are part of Microsoft's 'Designed for Surface' program.

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