Windows 10 build 11097 is being tested internally, no UX changes yet, all structural

Although it will be "a few more days" until we start to see new Windows 10 builds for the PC (also known as Redstone) roll out to Insiders, with the last being released nearly a month ago, Gabe Aul has let it be known that build 11097 is currently being tested internally, in a tweet to Insiders.

In addition to this, Aul also stated that the build is still "early in development", so when it rolls out, we will likely not see much in the way of UX changes to the OS yet

As a reminder, exactly a month ago we learned that Microsoft is planning to expand Cortana's reach throughout the OS, as well as deeper integration of Office 365 services with Cortana on Windows 10, with key benefits in mind for business scenarios.

Microsoft will also be making improvements to the Action Center, the notifications hub in Windows 10, with more features including "widget-like functionality". And as part of its efforts to improve task flow across devices, it's also considering ways for Cortana to assist in processes such as starting an activity on one device, and continuing it on another. Another welcome addition will be extension support for Edge, with the beginnings of it already present in build 11082.

Windows Redstone is expected to come in two waves, with the first being released in June, and the second in October 2016. However, these dates are not yet cast in stone and could change further down the line.

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