BlackBerry Z10 sales in UK triple prior launches

Many thought the mobile device market would never go BlackBerry's (the company formerly known as RIM) way again, but initial results for the launch of the Z10 in the UK look promising.

Bloomberg reports that compared to previous launches, initial sales are up almost 300%. In Canada, BlackBerry's home turf, launch sales were also higher than any previous launch from the company, up more than 50%.

Sales aren't the only thing going well for BlackBerry. Share prices have risen more than 150% since September - clearly and indication that investors have faith in BlackBerry's ability to rise from its current position.

Competition is obviously fierce in this space, and Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all been making moves into the business sector - which was once BlackBerry's domain. But loyalty is an interesting thing, and BlackBerry still has a great deal of loyal customers. Company's like Salesforce are continuing to create apps for BlackBerry, despite not embracing Windows Phone (although in Salesforce's case this is likely due to intense rivalry with Microsoft).

The Z10 will launch in the US soon, after carriers complete their famously-long testing cycles. The US has always been a strong market for BlackBerry, so we'll be eager to see what happens when the Z10 and other new BlackBerry device launch in that market.

Source: Bloomberg


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