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Brody McKee
Sydney, Australia
07 July 2006
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Born in Geelong (Australia), my interest in technology developed at a young age. I'd press every button that I saw. As a child, I developed an interest in programming and taught myself Microsoft's "BASIC" on my Commodore Amiga A500. I kept toying with various programming languages throughout my school-years - including HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic and some C#/.NET.

I completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in late-2009, majoring in both Management and Marketing, and kept financed during my studies by working in consumer-technology retail jobs (6.5 years total experience). At the beginning of 2010, I moved to Sydney (Australia) for a role at Microsoft, marketing Xbox, Windows, Office, and Hardware within the retail environment. In mid-2010, I started at ASUS, within their Sydney-based national marketing team.

Post Microsoft I've worked in traditional and digital marketing for both ASUS and Vodafone Australia. Today, I'm helping lead one of Australia's biggest education institutions in their digital marketing efforts - and having a lot of fun along the way.

Of course, the views represented by me on Neowin are not those of my company, and I don't discuss inside information.

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