Chairman of the MPAA to be thrown out of office

It's fairly common knowledge that the MPAA isn't the most popular organization in the world. The current chairman, Dan Glickman, is being removed from office in 18 months time. Why? Because of a lacking performance, and fighting against millions of people around the world in an attempt to keep piracy at bay.

According to TorrentFreak, many of the methods that the MPAA is currently employing are beginning to backfire, and the firm has received a lot of negative PR after The Pirate Bay trial. Again according to TorrentFreak, "Others claim that Glickman's leadership has been lackluster, his public speaking gigs 'bad' and 'boring'," and so far it's unclear on who will be replacing Glickman.

It makes you wonder who will hire Glickman after this; he has held office for the last four and a half years. Compare that to the previous chairman, Jack Valenti was chairman for 38 years. So, now is your chance to speak free, Neowin; do you (for some reason) wish Glickman to stay in office, or is it a good step that he's being outed?

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