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Check out this Microsoft Xbox controller that was actually made out of jade

Xbox jade controller

We have seen plenty of special edition Xbox game controllers from Microsoft over the years to help promote games for the company's game console. The most recent was the upcoming special version of the controller for the upcoming game Starfield. Now Microsoft has revealed a truly one-of-a-kind Xbox controller to help promote the recent fantasy action-RPG game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

In a short film posted on the official Xbox YouTube channel, Microsoft documents the creation of this special Xbox controller, which was made out of the mineral Jade. It was created by jade jewelry maker Andy Chi.

Microsoft states:

Through a captivating blend of cutting-edge CNC machinery and centuries-old hand-polishing techniques, Andy uncovers the true power of Jade, overcoming challenges and discovering new depths of beauty. This documentary reminds us that whatever tools you use—Xbox or CNC machine—the quest for discovery is a never-ending journey that leads to amazing places. So come along. Who knows? You may just discover your next favorite game along the way.

In the video, Chi indicates that this controller is not just meant to be viewed and admired but to actually be used to play Xbox games. He stated he had to figure out if using Jade "would hinder the player's gameplay and hand feel, as well as how sensitive it is."

He also had to ensure that if a player pressed the controller's buttons, they would not actually come into contact with the jade material so that the jade would not be damaged by the player during long gaming sessions.

Chi admits that he had to start over after finding cracks in the jade pieces before he finally finished the controller. So far, Microsoft has not revealed if this jade Xbox controller will be sold or perhaps given away as part of a sweepstakes.

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