Chrome on Windows will finally let you rearrange tabs using the keyboard

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Google is finally adding the ability to rearrange tabs using keyboard shortcuts in Chrome on Windows. This feature has been available on Linux and macOS for years, and now it is on track to arrive in Chrome for Windows.

A dedicated shortcut to move a tab across the tab strip appeared in the latest update for Chrome Canary 102. You can press Ctrl + Shift + Page Up/Down to move the current page to the left or right. The new shortcut joined other convenient keystrokes to navigate the browser faster, such as Ctrl + Page Up/Down to switch between tabs, Ctrl + W to close a page, or Ctrl + T to open a new one.

An animation showing how to rearrange tabs in Chrome using a keyboard shortcut

Many new features Google brings to its browser eventually come to other Chromium-based browsers, such as Edge or Vivaldi. Still, the latest Edge Canary release does not allow you to move a tab across the tab strip using the Ctrl + Page Up/Down shortcut. Hopefully, Microsoft will add it in future updates.

Google is also working on other improvements and capabilities for Chrome. For example, the browser will soon allow adding notes to web pages and storing those notes in a dedicated side panel. The latest Chrome Canary version already lets you access web notes alongside your bookmarks and reading list. Another notable addition is the ability to save tab groups as bookmarks.

Although competitors try hard to catch up with Google, a constant flow of new features, superior compatibility, and a critical mass of popularity let Chrome remain the most popular browser, with more than a 67% market share. Microsoft Edge, the closest Chrome competitor on the desktop market, is far behind with a mere 9.65%.

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