City of Brass, a first person rogue-lite announced by ex-BioShock and XCOM developers

Uppercut Games, a development studio consisting of developers who've worked on hit titles such as BioShock and XCOM has now announced a brand new game. Titled City of Brass, the game is a first person rogue-lite with themes of the Arabian Nights.

Players will be taking the role of a thief, with the main objective of searching out a treasure hidden within an enemy infested city littered with traps to keep them on their toes. To accomplish this goal, the thief has access to a blade and a whip, with the latter being the most useful of the two. The whip can be used to disarm and stun enemies, swing on various hooks, as well as reach objects which are otherwise out of range, among other uses.

City of Brass' first gameplay trailer showcases many of the foes and traps players will be up against, seen above. The city environment will be procedurally rebuilt every time a player dies, giving plenty of opportunities to replay and improve on the gameplay mechanics.

There will even be genies that grant wishes, offering powerful bonuses, or on the other hand, players can set these magic beings free to unlock an ally for the final battle.

The game's lead designer Ed Orman said that “Developing a game with multiple, interacting systems that players can freely combine feels like a return to our roots, drawing on our experiences working on BioShock and many of our other favorites.”

"Players must learn how to use the traps to kill their foes, and even turn enemies against each another. You’ll perish in the City of Brass – often, and quite horribly – but as your skills improve and you discover new ways to cheat death, you’ll return to fight another day,” he added.

Although the announcement was sudden, the game isn't that far away from release, at least on the PC front. City of Brass is slated to launch on PC in Fall 2017, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions following sometime in 2018.

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