Color comparison photos reveal prototype iPad was huge

Yesterday we posted up some grainy black and white images of the original iPad; the images came to light as part of Apple's legal battle with Samsung. As it turns out, the images were photocopies that were also received over facsimile. That accounted for the extremely poor quality.

Now Buzzfeed has gotten hold of some color photos that shows a comparison between the prototype, named "035", and the iPad 2. See for yourself!

Much taller and wider, it resembled the iBook from the time using a white plastic back.

Almost an inch thick to house an Intel Pentium M among other components, it was probably quite heavy.

Here's the headphone jack port.

Although the front doesn't look too different, it still misses the iconic home button.

Buzzfeed doesn't say where these images came from, but it's nice to see the original prototype which was reportedly being developed between 2002 and 2004 in full color, next to a modern day iPad 2.

Source & Images: Buzzfeed

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