Concept: Google Chrome browser on Windows Phone

Yanko Andreev over ar 1800PocketPC has done some amazing renderings of what he thinks Chrome for Windows Phone should look like. As you may already know, there are no real 3rd party browsers in the Windows Phone Store, and that's because the current SDK doesn't support it. But with Windows Phone 8 launching at the end of this month that might change and popular browsers like Opera and Chrome might start appearing. 

As you can see in the renderings Andreev has thought of everything including syncing between desktop and phone clients, different behavior for the browser depending on your screen resolution, and even an "Open with" feature, that would allow you to set default programs for different scenarios. Unfortunately this feature is probably not going to be Windows Phone 8, but hey, here's hoping it will.

If you want to see a few more pictures and some info behind the design process be sure to check out the original article at the source link below. And if by any chance you prefer the Opera browser, well you're in luck because the artist said he would be doing an Opera concept next week.

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