Corsair releasing its first PC gaming mice and keyboards

Corsair is a well known company to PC hardware fans. It sell a number of PC parts that are popular with gaming PC hardware makers including cases, memory, hard drives, power supplies and more. Now PC Gamer is reporting that Corsair is getting into the already crowded gaming PC mice and keyboard business with two separate product lines, each aimed at a different gaming demographic. The K90 keyboard and M90 mouse will be made for massively multiplayer gamers, while the K60 mouse and M60 keyboard are targeting the first person shooter fans. The products are being supervised by Ruben Mookerjee who previously worked at Logitech and helped to develop its G-series of gaming peripherals.

The K90 MMO keyboard will have an extra set of programmable 18 keys on the right hand side of the keyboard. MMO gamers can use these keys to store three presets for class changes in their favorite games. The K60 FPS keyboard doesn't come with any extra keys but does come with a wrist rest that allows gamers to better use the WASD keyboard combo for first person shooter movement. The K90 keyboard is priced at $129 while the M90 keyboards is priced at the $109.

Both of Corsair's gaming mice have support for up to 5600 dpi resolutions. The M90 MMO gaming mouse has nine programmable buttons arranged in a circle on the thumb pad. The M60 FPS mouse has a sniper button on its thumb rest that's designed to instantly lower the mouse's resolution for easier head shots in FPS games. No prices for the mice have been announced.

Image via PC Gamer

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