Cortana's 'Getting Started' video is a great recap of her key features

Windows Phone 8.1 is packed full of features, and one of the best new additions is Cortana. Microsoft's digital assistant is capable of all sorts of tasks that can be quite useful, and if you want a refresher on everything she can do, Microsoft has a new video for you.

The "Getting Started" video is a detailed look at Cortana and all of her features. With the digital assistant being updated twice a month, the video won't stay fresh forever -- but for new users, it's a good overview.

If you're curious what else is new in Windows Phone 8.1, you can check out our full review here, and if you want to know when your device will get 8.1, you can check out the schedule here.

It should be noted that Microsoft is currently putting the 8.1 rollout on hold thanks to a BitLocker issue that is freezing some devices and forcing them to be recovered with Nokia's recovery tool. This only affects those who are part of the developer preview.

Microsoft is making progress on the first update to 8.1, generally referred to as GDR 1, but we are still snooping around on this and will bring you more information once we get verification.

Source: Microsoft | Via: Winbeta

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