Dell drops support for Ubuntu on its website

The Linux users of the world who want to take the platform mainstream have been dealt a serious blow by Dell.  Dell has pulled Ubuntu offerings from its website but will still allow systems with Ubuntu to be sold but only through its call centers. 

According to the, Dell states that “had decided to remove the Ubuntu machines from its online sales channel because the platform was better suited to advanced users and computing enthusiasts.”  While Dell will not completely kill off the Ubuntu, it makes the operating system far less visable by not being on its website.

As Dell states that the platform is better suited for its advanced users and computing enthusiasts, it’s clear that they will no longer market the OS as a direct alternative to the casual consumer.  Essentially, this will kill off a lot of potential for the OS because Dell is no longer advertising it as an option on its website. With less viability to the general consumer, its one less option they have for their computing needs. 

The news comes at a conflicting time as Dell has previously voiced its support for the platform.  In June, Dell had stated that Ubuntu was safer than Windows.  They based this on the fact that most malware and hackers target Windows based machines. 

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