Dragon Age III to be huge as details trickle out

The first proper details of Dragon Age III: Inquisition have trickled out thanks to the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, revealing a few details about BioWare's upcoming role-playing sequel. The panel at the expo have revealed that you will play as a human in Dragon Age III, and there will be character backgrounds (not available to play) that will apparently have a significant impact on the story.

Also, it was revealed that the game will be huge, with one level in Dragon Age III being as large as all of the levels in Dragon Age II. Creative director Mike Laidlaw said that customization will be bigger than in Dragon Age: Origins, with player choices from previous games being retained in this new game.

Some concept art for the game was also unveiled, so you can check that out below and above. Dragon Age III is slated for a late 2013 release, so it'll be well in to development by now.

Source: PC Gamer

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