Driver Sweeper 0.7.5

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper is a fast tool to remove driver leftovers from your system. It's very important to remove your drivers on a proper way, because driver leftovers can cause problems like stability and startup problems. You can use it if you want to update/remove drivers from your system.

What can it be used for ?
The current supported drivers are NVIDIA (Display and Chipset), ATI (Display), Creative (Sound) Realtek (Sound), Ageia (PhysX) and Microsoft (Mouse). All the settings are saved in an ini file. Nothing is created in the registry, so it's possible to use it as a portable program. Log files can be saved to the harddisk and viewed as well. You can find the logs under the Tools menu.

Changelog (0.7.5) - 07-07-07

- Added a Help File. You can open this in Help->Contents or by pressing F1.
- AGEIA PhysX File and Registry Cleaning. The parameter is -AGEIA.
- Microsoft Mouse File and Registry Cleaning.The parameter is -MMouse.
- Added English example to Languages.ini.
- You can now close Options, Logs and About using the Escape button.
- Unicode support for Multilanguage, now you aren't limited to ANSI signs anymore.
- New layout for Options. All cleaning stuff is splitted now. If you want to Enable or Disable ALL File and/or Registry Cleaning you can click on Cleaning.
- Layout changes for Logs and About [view full changelog]

Download: Driver Sweeper 0.7.5 (installer) freeware
Download: Driver Sweeper 0.7.5 (no installer)
Link: Home Page

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