EA Play 2018 dates announced, new Battlefield will be playable at the event

Continuing its tradition of holding a separate event from E3 for the third year running, Electronic Arts has announced EA Play 2018. The event will be held at the Hollywood Palladium theater from June 9 through 11, right before E3 2018 is slated to kick off.

Tickets for the event will be available this spring for the low, low cost of free, giving those who can attend a chance to personally try out some of the upcoming games from the publisher:

The annual three-day event will include more hands-on experiences at the Palladium for players attending the event, while some of the biggest global community creators in the world will be sharing early game footage and live streams directly from the show floor for players viewing from home.

Recently, EA pushed back the release of Anthem, BioWare's upcoming RPG, to next year, clearing the calendar for a new Battlefield title in 2018. Although the company is yet to officially unveil the new shooter or even its setting, attendees will be able to experience the game at the EA Play event this year, alongside a range of other titles from the publisher.

It's unclear if Anthem will be available for hands-on sessions as well, but the company did promise "an inside look" at the game, in addition to a few surprises that will be revealed during the event.

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