EE to use Self-Organizing Networks software to boost reliability

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Nokia has announced that its Self-Organizing Networks (SON) software will be adopted by BT’s mobile network, EE. With the new SON software, EE’s network reliability and service will be improved in its 4G and 5G networks.

With the deployment of SON software, EE should be able to manage its network in a more cost-effective manner. It uses intelligent automation to prevent issues from arising which leads to better customer experiences. As EE’s operational costs fall, it could pass on the savings to customers making its services more competitive.

Commenting on the deal between the two firms, Steve Holmes, RAN Design Director of BT, said:

“We see immense opportunities for the ways in which Self-Organizing Networks can support our mobile network to deliver the best experience possible for our customers. Networks are complex ecosystems, with different vendors, technologies, and layers; automating some processes helps to overcome these difficulties. The result will be networks with enhanced customer reliability and service as well as reduced energy consumption. We see our strengthening partnership with Nokia as key to realizing these objectives.”

According to Nokia, EE will be able to use a Software Development Kit (SDK) to create their own SON solutions that are unique to their needs. One use case of the software will be to help smoothly transition customers from one radio cell to another without the customers experiencing dropped calls or interruptions.

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