Elephone says new S8 flagship will have "triple-bezel-less, curved display" and "lumia-wave"

In October, Sharp showed off its new display technology with a bezel-less screen that extends into the curved corners of a handset. A few weeks later, Xiaomi revealed its new Mi Mix handset featuring a similar 6.4-inch display, and when it went on sale earlier this month for around $520, it sold out in just a few seconds.

Now, Elephone is preparing to launch a similar device, promising that it will be "better, stronger, and more exciting" than its rivals.

The company released a teaser image of its new S8 flagship today, which will feature a "triple-bezel-less" design and curved display. Indeed, unlike the Sharp and Xiaomi handsets, the S8's screen appears to curve around the left and right edges of the handset, like Samsung's Galaxy S7 edge.

That's probably not a coincidence - the company has earned a reputation for rather blatantly copying its rivals designs. The Elephone S7 shared both its name and its appearance with its Samsung Galaxy counterpart, while the Elephone R9 was near-identical to the Oppo R9.

Elephone says that the S8 will feature a deca-core processor and 128GB of storage - but it's also alluded to the "innovative" design of its fingerprint reader, as well as drawing attention to its camera, which it deliberately blurred out in its teaser image today. It also said that the device will feature a "lumia-wave" - but other than the link to Microsoft's Lumia smartphone range, there's no obvious explanation as to what exactly that refers to.

The firm hasn't revealed any further details about the device, and it's not yet clear when it plans to launch the S8, or how much it will cost.

Source: Elephone

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