Ensemble Studios: "Goodbye and Thanks"

Ensemble Studios' Bruce Shelley has posted a farewell message on his blog, thanking the community for the support over the years. The blog post is expected to be the last as Ensemble Studios is closing after the release of Halo Wars.

Shelley, who helped in the original Age of Empires series, worked as an adviser for Ensemble Studios, says that employees of the studio have already started up two new studios. Shelley also mentions that 60% of the employees who worked on the original Age of Empires stayed with Ensemble until its closure.

Ensemble Studios' last project is Halo Wars, and will be released on the 3rd of March, exclusively for Xbox 360. The Halo Wars website will remain online after the studios' doors close, and any related news will be posted their, as opposed to the blog of Bruce Shelley.

News source: Ensemble Studios Blog

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