Eyenaemia takes home Microsoft's Imagine Cup top prize

Team Eyenaemia with Satya Nadella

Microsoft's Imagine Cup has come to a close in Seattle, Washington and team Eyenaemia from Australia has taken home the Imagine Cup along with $50,000 in cash. The app that won the competition is brilliant in its simplicity, and its creators hope to improve the detection rate of anemia by using a Windows Phone and a small color card.

The project builds upon the popular trend of taking selfies. By placing a small color-coded card next to your eye and snapping a selfie, the app can then determine if you have anemia using advanced algorithms and the power of Microsoft's cloud infrastructure, Azure, to crunch the data quickly. The idea being that this app can replace expensive medical testing in remote parts of the world and fundamentally change how medical personnel can diagnose this condition in only a few minutes.

Team Eyenaemia demoing their app

As part of winning the competition, the team will also get to meet with Bill Gates. Seeing how Eyenaemia is an app built around the idea of empowering people to have more control when it comes to monitoring their health - especially in third-world countries - and given Bill Gates' massive philanthropic efforts, the group will have a lot to talk about.

Microsoft's Imagine Cup is all about inspiring young innovators to pursue projects of passion that impact our society in a positive way. This years' finals brought in students from all over the world including Russia, France, Korea, Venezuela and many, many more.

While Microsoft's Imagine Cup for 2014 is now over, for those of you who follow the student competition, you will know that this means that Imagine Cup 2015 is about to get started. If you have wanted to partake in this competition and are bummed out that you didn't get in on the 2014 event, start putting together your team now as registration will be opening in the near future.

Image Credit: Microsoft | Natasha Babyan

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