Fedora 11 due for release next Tuesday

Fedora 11, the next version of the popular Linux distribution, is due to be released on Tuesday next week, according to the Fedora Project website. The new version features better performance, increased security, and several improvements. Some of the more interesting features and improvements include a quicker startup time (no more than 20 seconds from power up to login screen, at least when first installed), ext4 being used as the file-system by default (on Anaconda installs), as well as coming with the latest versions of GNOME or KDE.

The move to ext4 as the default file-system should mean users notice better performance overall, and the optimised startup should also result in better system performance.

A new feature will provide users with the option to perform an installation taking up less than 500MB of space (at mount point). Obviously this means that some of the extra features will be cut out, however it should also provide better security and performance, potentially appealing to those considering Fedora for use on a server, or those who want to run it on older hardware.

Several other features have also been improved, including volume control and power management. There are several administration tools that have been updates, as well as development tools, which can be found on the feature list, linked to below.

Security has been increased, with support for stronger hashes, such as SHA-2, which will enable operating systems built based on Fedora certifiable for government use. In addition, many security holes will be fixed with the newer versions of the software that come with Fedora 11. The new update will be available from 10:00am (Eastern US time) on 2 June.

Link: Fedora 11 Features

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