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Final Fantasy XII - teaser poster and staff info

As they did with FFX-2, Square release a poster that teases... but in a whole different way

Square has announced the main team working on Final Fantasy XII, and to make sure that press took note, they threw in a poster of the game, to boot.

The poster itself tells us little, but stating that the game will feature a futuristic city seems a pretty safe call. It puts us in mind of the film Fifth Element... but with a medieval populace.

Staff wise, Square have named Jun Akiyama (worked on FFVII) as the production supervisor and Akihiko Yoshida will head up the character design and 3D map. Seeing as Yoshida had the same role on Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story, we might expect a more cutesy approach like FFIX, rather than the more westernised realism of FFX. Lastly, Hideo Minaba is the art director - he's worked on FF Tactics and FFIX, which appears to support our previous point.

Square haven't mentioned a release date, however, it has been rumoured that the game would be in the shops (in Japan) this year. Personally, we'd be amazed if that was the case.

Seeing as the poster and staff details have been made public, we'd expect game titbits to start filtering through soonish.

News source: Gamesradar

View: Final Fantasy XII poster

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