Former Microsoft manager wants open marijuana trade with Mexico

Remember Jamen Shively, a former Microsoft product manager who is founding his own marijuana business? Well, he's back in the news, and he wants an open trade with Mexico for pot, which would work well with his plan of creating the first national brand of commercially available marijuana.

According to an interview with The Seattle Times, Shively will host a press conference on Thursday that he claims will feature Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico. A proposal for regulating marijuana trade between the U.S. will be revealed by the former Mexican president and Shively, though no specific details about the plan was revealed. The Times also didn't report whether Shively was baked when he told them Fox would be at his press conference.

"I don’t know how exactly that would be done, but I know it’s been done in other industries," he told The Times.

Local lawmakers say Shively will face difficulties getting such a trade agreement passed. In typical nerd fashion, however, the former Microsoft manager cited Obi-Wan Kenobi as his basis for resisting.

"He said, 'Darth, if you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine,"" Shively said, presumably aware that Luke Skywalker was high when he saw Kenobi's ghosts since marijuana has more power than the Force.

In December, Shively announced plans to start his own marijuana business after Washington voters approved the recreational sale and use of the drug. After Dec. 6, it became legal for anyone 21 and older to possess marijuana. Shively plans to buy marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and Washington, as the sale of marijuana was recently made legal in both states.

Source: The Seattle Times | Image via KIRO TV

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