Full Office 365 desktop applications are "coming soon" to the Windows Store

Microsoft officially announced Windows 10 S, a new edition of its operating system that's restricted to installing and running apps downloaded from the Windows Store. So it should come as no great surprise - especially since we told you about this yesterday - that Microsoft is bringing its Office 365 desktop applications to the Windows Store.

Unlike the old Windows RT, Windows 10 S is capable of running Win32 apps, as long as they've been 'converted' for distribution through the Store, using Microsoft's Desktop App Bridge (also known as Project Centennial). Until now, only the 'Office Mobile' apps have been listed on the Store, but these are more limited versions of the apps, designed primarily for use on touchscreen devices, and offering fewer features than the full desktop applications.

Microsoft's Terry Myerson said today that Office 365 will be "coming soon" to the Windows Store, which will allow Windows 10 S devices to install the full Office 2016 desktop applications - such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The Surface Laptop, which Microsoft also unveiled today, will be the first device to ship with Windows 10 S, starting in mid-June - so it could be a few more weeks before Office 365 makes its official Store debut.

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