GAME clarifies Xbox 360 pre-order situation

UK chain store, GAME, has clarified that while it is still taking pre-orders of Microsoft's forthcoming next generation machine, Xbox 360, there is currently no word on how many units the group or country will be getting.

Shortly after putting a placeholder section on its site for taking Xbox 360 pre-orders, GAME created a notice saying: "We are now unable to promise delivery of the Xbox 360 pre-Christmas. We will endeavour to fulfil new orders placed for the system as soon as is possible but are currently unable to speculate when exactly that will be. We are however, able to continue to take orders for our first allocation of the Xbox 360 Core System until further notice."

While it may seem the company is limiting its orders based on the popularity for the higher priced system -which includes a wireless controller, 20GB hard-drive, Xbox Live headset and universal remote control for GBP 279.99-, over the Core System which contains none of the above for GBP 209.99, the reality is that currently Microsoft has yet to provide a number on stock for the machine, and GAME is taking a cautious stance.

Microsoft was unavailable at the time of writing in regards to the stock allocation Europe and the UK may be getting. Xbox 360 is expected to launch in Europe in late November, although a final date has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.

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