Google adds new 2-step login verification

Earlier today, Google added a new 2-step Google Account sign-in system, with the aim of providing a more secure way for users to login to the Internet giant's servers. The new system is being rolled out gradually and will be available to everyone within the next few days.

According to PCMag, the new 2-step verification was previously only available to Google App users, but starting from today all users will begin to have access to it. 2-step verification adds a better security layer by requiring you to have access to your mobile phone alongside your username and password when you need to sign in.

The idea behind this is that if someone has managed to get access to your password, they will still need access to your mobile phone to take over your account. Your mobile device will will contain a five-to-eight digit code that needs to be entered either every time you login, or once every thirty days depending on user preference.

An additional feature of the 2-step verification method allows you to create application-specific passwords via your Google account settings.  This allows a user to access applications that work outside of a browser, Gmail on a phone for example.

The reason for this is that applications tend to be coded to ask for just a username and password and would not prompt you for the new verification code, so access would be denied if an application-specific password were not in place.

If you would like to turn on 2-step verification for your Google account, you can install Google Authenticator for Android, iOS and Blackberry devices from the Google website.

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