Google Assistant now can be helpful in more languages

Hola Google, ¿qué hay de nuevo?

Well, now that you ask, Google's Assistant has been updated and given a crash course in several new languages, including Spanish (U.S., Mexican, and Spanish variations), Portuguese (including Brazilian), Italian, and Indian English. Google released a new "Actions on Google" video showing off how internationalization works.

The update also brings some easier ways for users to find different apps. What's Trending and What's New sections have been added to the app directory, and will "constantly change and evolve" as a user interacts with it. An autocomplete function has also been added to search just in case users know of an app, but might have forgotten the exact name. App subcategories have also been added, such as Food & Drink, which also would additionally allow users to order food or view a menu.

Developers can also now create applications that allow interactivity between Google Home and a phone with Assistant. Home devices can pass off actions to smartphones for completion, so if you order a pizza with Home, you can then pay for it with your phone. The apps also will no longer ask you to be specific about certain requests. So users with smart home devices can now just say "Turn off the lights" instead of calling out the specific app that runs the lights.

There are some minor upgrades in today's update, detailed in a post on Google's Developers Blog.

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